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What is Genetic Healing?

Genetic Healing is a completely new method of constellation work that allows us to make changes in our lives at the DNA level. This enables us to shape our life much more the way we want it to be. This is also possible with other constellations and a variety of therapies, but Genetic Healing goes much deeper, is more intensive and enables greater successes in a shorter time than was previously the case.

​​​Furthermore, and that's what convinced me so much, we can get rid of programming that we didn't even know was affecting us. This happens, for example, when this imprint has existed for generations and has been passed on from generation to generation from  our ancestors.  So with Genetic Healing you can release a handbrake in life that you didn't even know was on.

Have you never asked yourself why, despite all the great work you have done on yourself and in your life, despite all your efforts, all courses and all healing sessions, you never achieve your goal? Why is it that you are always unlucky, even though you are a diligent student in positive thinking? Why does the longed-for success not come, even though you have tried everything known to you on this planet, including seminars and coaching?

Could it be that you have a blockage that you don't know about? A blockage, a genetic programming that you may have forgotten? Or that you've never been told anything about? That will always keep you small no matter how hard you try? That keeps you in fear and denies you your happiness? Could it be in your genes? These questions are worth asking - and with Genetic Healing we have now received a wonderful method to do just that!

Genetic Healing gives us the fantastic opportunity to switch off genes that block us and to switch on potentials that are present in our genes. Once a gene switch is switched off, the previous programming is deleted and can no longer influence us - now and for future generations. Working with Genetic Healing takes place on a high-energy frequency and results in profound, lasting changes that can help us to improve our lives and expand our awareness.

What is Epigenetics?

Epigenetics is a branch of biology and deals with the question of which factors specifically influence genes and how. The cause of changes in the DNA in the genome is due to chemical changes in the proteins that bind to the DNA and to the methylation of the DNA itself. The activity of entire sections of chromosomes can be influenced in this way.

The good news is that these chemicals that are responsible for methylation can also be used to our advantage. Certain methyl groups that we want are formed, attach themselves to the sequence of the relevant gene and permanently switch off the programming.


We inherited much more than just genetic material from our ancestors. Living conditions, trauma and personal experiences are also stored in the genes and influence us in the here and now. If a family for example, was very hungry or expelled during the war, this is imprinted on our genes. Many subsequent generations may then be incapable of ever being "full", both figuratively and literally. Or the offspring fails to "take root", they are always "on the run". Through Genetic Healing, traumatic experiences and formative experiences are erased from our genetic memory, are no longer passed on to the following generations and thus lose their influence on us.

Which areas of application are there?

Genetic Healing can be used in a wide variety of areas. Topics that can be found in almost all families and with all people are, for example, fear (often you don't even know why or about what), awareness of poverty and deficiency, abuse, feelings of inferiority, panic attacks, addictions, female and male characteristics, feelings of guilt and shame , victim mentality, control addiction etc.

Physical problems and ailments can also be tackled through Genetic Healing. Before an illness or impairment manifests itself on a physical level, the mind and soul often already suffer for a while. One of the more well-known examples is that fear can make you sick. If you live in constant fear, whether it is a bombing raid or a tyrannical boss, the body is permanently in "fight or flight" mode, pours out incessantly adrenaline and in the course of this at some point the adrenal glands burn out - a kind of burnout that has reached notoriety in our everyday lives.

In individual sessions we can find out which topics you would like to work on at the moment and thus create a better life for you step by step. If you are interested, please contact me and find out more!

Where does Genetic Healing come from?

Gabriele Petrig (Head of the Genetic Healing Institute in Aschaffenburg) was given us this wonderful method to change our lives so fundamentally by beings who have always been helpful to us since the time of the ancient Egyptians. They call themselves Hathors and their most famous representative, at least on earth, is the goddess Hathor. You can find out more about the Hathors on the page "About the Hathors".

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