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Who are the Hathors?

The Hathors are beings who came into our universe from another universe via the Sirius planetary system. They have already gone through far more stages of development than we have and completed energetic ascents into higher dimensions. They live mainly in the twelfth dimension of reality and above all support us in our ascent into higher dimensions. They are masters of sound, joy and lightness and know many healing energies that we are still to discover and experience.

This ascended civilization of the 12th dimension worked through the goddess Hathor in ancient Egypt, as well as in Tibet and Lemuria.

The goddess Hathor is one of the oldest Egyptian goddesses and was the goddess of love, joy, beauty, music, art, dance and sexuality. The term Hathors also referred to prophetic women and prophetesses.

The Hathors offer us their knowledge, love and experience. They refer to themselves as our sisters and brothers and one of their tasks is to support and accompany us humans in the great process of change and ascent on earth. The energy that emanates from them is always a warm and benevolent energy.

The Hathors are masters of love and sound and reach us through the heart. They have excessive knowledge concerning healing, especially in the psycho-emotional area. Gabriele Petrig has been in close contact with them for a long time and they are their constant companions in matters of genetic healing. I would like to recommend her YouTube channel to you, where she publishes information channeled by the Hathors. To watch a video you can simply click on this link:

Another wonderful person who is in contact with the Hathors is the American Tom Kenyon. As already mentioned, the world of the Hathors is sound and Tom has been channeling their music for many years, making it available to us. If you want to learn more, I highly recommend you visit his website and fall in love with the sounds of these breathtaking and fascinating roommates of our universe.

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