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Genetic Healing

For a long time I was looking for a way to help people change their lives for the better in a sustainable and permanent manner. After trying to support people and encouraging them with my story to date, I became aware of Genetic Healing last year.                                                 

In a magazine I read about Gabriele Petrig and her method of energetic healing. I signed up for a weekend seminar to experience what Genetic Healing is, what it does and whether it can help me improve my life.  


What can I say ... 12 months after this decisive weekend I was back with Gabriele, this time to complete my training as a Genetic Healing Coach.    


With Genetic Healing I was given a powerful and wonderful tool that enables me to do much more than "just" tell a story.                                      

I am firmly convinced that Genetic Healing can help everyone in every life situation, with every problem and no matter at what point in their life, to restore the joy of life and to improve the quality of life. It can help us live content, free, happy, and fulfilling lives. What's stopping you? Try it yourself, you will be amazed!                          

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