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my story

My story

The story I want to share here tells of the darkest and most difficult time in my life. A time for which I am nevertheless extremely grateful today ... Because on the one hand it made me the person I am today, and on the other hand it created light and hope. Literally!

From August 2012 to the beginning of 2016, I spent about three and a half years healing myself from multiple sclerosis with the help of many wonderful people by my side. After a typical but very severe flu, I suffered my first MS attack in August 2012. At that point, of course, I didn't know that. After treatment of the symptoms and an initially good prognosis by my neurologist, the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis came after about eight months with the second attack. A world collapsed! In the beginning I decided on mainly conventional medical treatment, which I soon began to support with alternative healing methods. I just wasn't happy with it  only to maintain the status quo, if at all, but conventional medicine could not offer me more. There was no question of healing. I took the immunosuppressant Gilenya for a year and at the same time rebuilt myself through health-promoting measures. I really couldn't imagine taking pills for a lifetime, my body and mind resisted it.

Today I look back on this difficult, and yet so instructive, time and can say with conviction - anything is possible! I started taking Gilenya in June 2013 and by August 2014 I was able to stop taking the medication.

Diet change, yoga, stress reduction, Tibetan pulsing and  a new understanding of what my body

actually needs for a healthy life made it possible.

Despite all the successes and excellent stability, I was tested again after this decision. In June 2015 and October 2015 two more relapses should put me to the test. In retrospect, I am convinced that it had to be that way. Big goals are sometimes not easy to achieve and our greatest challenge in life is overcoming fear. It would have been easy to throw everything away and take medication again, to give up and wait to see what the disease would "do" to me in the future. But that wasn't an option! I had already had such great success with my natural methods, I KNEW I was on the right track. More medication was out of the question for me.

Today, years later, I look back on that time and can say with great gratitude - I did everything right! I enjoy the very best of health, I can even say that I am healthier than ever in my life, I enjoy every day of my life in a vital and resilient body and continue to forge big plans for the future. Since the last attack in October 2015, I have not only been relieved, but also free of symptoms. I no longer do I have any MS symptoms and a medical examination in a specialist neurology clinic in April 2019 showed amazing results.

I haven't been treated by a neurologist since October 2015!

Conventional medicine is still of the opinion that multiple sclerosis cannot be cured, but I say where there is a will there is also a way! I do not want to call on anyone to undertake risky experiments, because it is definitely true that success and failure depend individually on each and every individual. But I say anything is possible! I am connected with a great number of MS patients around the world, and I know such breathtaking success stories that what I have to tell is almost boring.

Spreading and increasing these success stories is very important to me, and another reason why this website was created. Life is beautiful and incredibly exciting! I look to the future with joy and confidence, and spreading light and hope wherever I go is my new goal in life.

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