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Individual sessions

In a one-on-one session, we first discuss your current life situation, your background and your family history. We find out what may, can and should be transformed in your life right now. Together we will discuss which topics are important to you at this time and develop a plan on how we can achieve what you really want.

We meditate together and tune into the high, lightful and healing level of the Hathor energy. In conjunction with the Hathors, we unearth what is keeping you from living freely and happily, and then set about changing that.

Which topics, situations, blockades or problems can be worked on? Here some examples:

  • the basic programming whose gene switches are active in each of us, such as E.g. the slave programming, the money programming or the man or woman programming

  • Topics that affect the whole family (such as abuse - in every affected family there are perpetrators and victims whose wounds want to be healed)

  • Programming that, right now, in this moment and in this place, causes you to be inhibited in your development, such as E.g. fears, feelings of inferiority, limitation of your abilities and curtailment of your potential

  • Feelings of guilt and shame that keep you small and prevent you from living a happy life


But we can do even more! Together we can not only switch off genes that limit you, we can also switch on genes for potential! What do you need to z. E.g. to live without fear? Courage... So why not anchor that courage into your core? We can also activate basic trust, serenity, financial or material prosperity. The limit is only drawn by your imagination.

If you want to find out how wonderful your life can be when you come into your power, then feel free to contact me and book a session with me. I can't wait to help you!

You should allow about one and a half to two hours for the first session, including anamnesis and discussions.

Reactivation of the Divine 12-Strand Crystalline DNA


Thoth, worshiped as an Egyptian god and a companion of mankind since the times of Atlantis, says the following about the manipulation of our DNA in the book "Project Mankind":

"It is, mind you, a project that has never occurred in this fashion anywhere in the entire universe. Notice, the planet Terra has been ready, up to the manipulation of your perfect divine 12-strand crystalline DNA, to move into the higher spheres of being, with all of its beings incarnated in him. Only with the manipulated change of your divine 12-strand DNA into a 2-strand DNA this ascension together with the rest of your home galaxy was not possible. You all got slowed down in your development and thrown back thousands of years. You are now in the transition phase, although this transition phase is unnoticed by most of the human race."  

According to Thoth, without the reactivation of our divine crystalline 12-strand DNA, ascension into the Higher Dimensions is not possible. For this reason, I am deeply grateful that the Hathors have now given us a method to reactivate strands of DNA.

I would be thrilled if I kindled your curiosity! If you would like to know more about reactivating your inactive DNA strands, or are ready to reactivate your DNA strands, please contact me for an appointment.

​​​​​​​ The meetings can be held in German or in English.

Where do the individual sessions take place?


In the safety and security of your own four walls! Genetic Healing can take place in a face-to-face session or online! Energetically it makes no difference, because the frequencies reach us over all distances. Furthermore, I am a mobile Genetic Healing Coach and would be happy to come to you. I travel all over Europe and plan my routes so that I can visit you at home for a session. Contact me, I look forward to meeting you!

Price per hour for a consultation                                                                             € 22,-- to € 99,--

my expertise: MS, Yoga, breath work, nutrition for healing, traveling, 

moving abroad, living without the system, genetic healing  

Price per hour for a Genetic Healing session                                                         € 44,-- to € 99,--

Activation of the Divine 12-Strand Crystalline DNA                                              price on request

A word about the prices. First and foremost, I don't want your money - I want to help you improve your health and your well-being. But I do need money, too, simply because in our current situation and world it is still the most universal and easiest to use means to create an energy balance.

In my opinion, however, it is not up to me to assess how much you can, should or may be able to afford. For this reason there is only a price range. I trust in your appreciation of my work and your kind heart.

                                                                                        Thank you



You don´t know me. Stories like mine are numerous. Proposals and advice on how to change your life for the better, too. Why with my help, why through me?

Get to know me in a free, private chat and find out!

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